Kativa Shukla


We live in a world that is constantly dealing with the global problem of food spoilage. Over 800 million people on the planet go hungry due to shortage of food supply. Kativa Shukla is the CEO of Fenugreen and inventor of FreshPaper, a simple remedy to food spoilage. Research shows that farmers around the world are harvesting enough food to feed the planet but over 25% of the food harvested is lost to food spoilage, contributing to the shortage of global food supply. Over a billion people around the world still live without refrigeration, further contributing to the global problem of food spoilage. Kativa Shukla started her experiment after a visit to her grandmother in India; having been warned by her mum to avoid drinking tap water on her visit, her grandmother helped her stave off stomach upset on the visit with some homemade herbal mixtures which included fenugreek.…