The Amazons Watch Magazine invites you to participate in the online Poll for the Top 5 Best Women Supportive Financial Institutions in Emerging Economies (Africa) aimed at recognizing and promoting the financial institutions with the best programmes, products and services tailored towards increasing financing for women in emerging economies. The poll, which is one of the Magazine’s strategic public engagement tools, aimed at engendering healthy competition, peer review and promoting good women supportive financial services, will be organized in four (4) phases across the regions of developing countries, beginning with the African region, followed by Asia, Middle-East, and then South-America. Women make up about half of the world’s population, but are unfortunately disproportionately burdened by work and poverty in some developing countries, excluded from the political, economic, and social power structures. One of the identified ways women are today being significantly empowered is providing them with the ability, opportunity,…

Organisers- Centre for Economic and Leadership Development

Theme – Scaling up the rise of women leaders in emerging economies

Date: 13 December 2016


In recent times, we are experiencing the dawn of an era where women are incurably committed to taking over the leadership of territories originally renowned for their history of patriarchy, oligarchy and subordination of women.