Celebrity Amazon Nomination

Do you know an African female celebrity or one across the globe who possesses a larger than life personality yet has an undying passion for people and uses her influence for societal good?

Help us celebrate these iconic women by nominating her as your “Celebrity Amazon’’ using the form below.

The ‘Celebrity Amazon’ Pecks/Benefits

  • The Amazons Watch Magazine ‘Celebrity Amazons’ will be celebrated and honoured annually on global stage during the magazine’s flagship Global Inspirational leadership Awards and Hall of Fame Induction.
  • Opportunity to tell the story of the nominee’s journey to stardom and inspire a teeming audience of upcoming female prospective leaders and celebrities for posterity and preservation of the nominee’s legacy as global influential women.
  • Complimentary 3 months online PR and media engagements/social media promotions, to showcase how the nominee uses their influence as a celebrity to contribute to solving global challenges.

To nominate, fill the form below.

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