Have you ever wondered why your skin feels so dry even after thoroughly moisturizing it? You begin to notice the presence of patchy white spots and flaky dead skin cells. If this is the case, re-moisturizing is only going to save you for a few minutes. The ultimate secret to a glowing skin is exfoliation.


Exfoliation is the process of removing dead, keratinized skin cells from the outer layer of your skin. It leaves the skin feeling smoother and fresher and therefore, makes it easier for skin products like serums, oils, and lotions to be absorbed into the skin’s surface. We often tend to skip this essential step of our beauty routine forgetting that it is just as important as deep cleansing and moisturizing. Exfoliation is especially of great benefit to those with oily skin. In addition to smoothing, improving skin tone and enhancing skin’s receptiveness to oil-controlling ingredients, exfoliation helps rid oily skin of dulling skin cells to help keep skin supple and clear.


There are two main types of exfoliation: mechanical and chemical – and the method you choose should be determined by your skin type. Mechanical exfoliation uses a tool, such as a brush or sponge, or a scrub to physically remove dead skin cells while chemical exfoliation uses chemicals with an acid or enzyme-based formula such as alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) such as glycolic acid or beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) such as salicylic acid to gently dissolve dead skin cells.

To prevent skin damage, take note of the following important tips:

  • Choose a method that suits your skin type: If you have a dry, sensitive or acne-prone skin, use a mild chemical exfoliator, as mechanical exfoliation may irritate your skin. Oily and thicker skin types can go for stronger chemical treatments or mechanical exfoliation. Avoid chemical or mechanical exfoliation if you have cuts, burns, injuries or acne breakouts.
  • Be gentle: If you decide to use a scrub or a chemical exfoliator, gently apply the product in small, circular motions. Do this for a few seconds, and then rinse off with warm water. If you use a sponge, use short light strokes.
  • Moisturize: Exfoliation can dry out the skin. Lock in moisture with your favourite moisturizer immediately after exfoliating to keep your skin soft, healthy and hydrated.
  • Do not over exfoliate: It is best to exfoliate twice a week. Over-exfoliation can damage the skin. If your pores are severely clogged or you suffer from acne breakouts, you can exfoliate up to three times a week.


  • It reveals a healthy, glowing skin:

When applying makeup over the dead skin, the surface begins to look uneven. As a result, your skin may appear flaky and patchy and even feel very rough in texture. By gently exfoliating dry skin cells, the skin will appear to feel smoother and look refreshed because it involves eliminating the old skin cells.  This will definitely also even out and improve the tone of your skin. Because exfoliating removes dead skin cells as well as dirt and makeup, it makes your skin tone brighter and all glowed up! Your face will get a nice little glow. “In addition to revealing fresh skin cells, exfoliating removes dead cells from pores, making them appear smaller,” says Rachel Nazarian, MD, a Manhattan dermatologist. Makeup also looks better, says Stalina Glot, an aesthetician at Haven Spa in New York City. “It’s like sanding a wall before you paint.” The other major perk of exfoliation is: “Removing the buildup enhances your skin’s ability to absorb everything else, from acne medicine to anti-aging serum,” Dr. Nazarian stated.

  • It reduces acne and breakouts:

Exfoliating helps to manage breakouts and acne. Many of us understand the importance of cleansing our skin with anti-breakout products but underestimate exfoliation. It helps unclog your pores and keep your skin clean, which in turn prevents you from getting acne. This is because clogged pores trap body oils under the surface of the skin, which leads to acne breakouts. A deep exfoliation will help unclog your pores from excess oil. It is important to consider that breakouts and acne are not only caused by external factors such as makeup and dirt. Therefore, if the excess oil and dirt is removed from the root of the cause, the number of breakouts will most likely reduce. A number of other factors can also cause acne problems. For instance, hormones are often major determinants of the health of the skin. Unhealthy diet, as well as stress, can also cause an increase in acne and breakouts which can be really unappealing. Regular healthy eating and detoxification can help in eliminating acne.

  • Exfoliation fights the aging process:

Exfoliating gives you a more radiant, youthful look. Old skin cells tend to exaggerate the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Although, the skin naturally sheds dead cells (a process known as desquamation), its ability to do it slows down as we get older. Exfoliating can aid the process and hide some of the evidence that we are getting older. Also, when you apply makeup over dead skin cells, the makeup will not blend into the surface of the skin properly. It will only sit on top and appear in layers. By removing dead skin cells, wrinkles and lines are less-exaggerated. Exfoliating combats or at least hides it for a longer period. Help your skin age more gracefully by exfoliating on a regular basis.

  • Allows for better absorption of skin care products:

Spending a lot of money on expensive skin care products and not benefiting from them can be really upsetting. We all have experienced this at some point in our beautiful journey. This is because we have layers of dead skin piled up. If the pores are clogged, your skincare products will not be able to successfully penetrate the deeper layers of your skin and provide your skin with the much-needed nourishment.

Without exfoliation, all other steps in your beauty and skincare routine will not be as effective as they ought to be. Don’t forget to exfoliate!


By Adebola ADUWO
(Bsc. Human Physiology)




As Singapore moves towards becoming a smart nation, there is a need to encourage more women to enter science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) fields to help develop solutions for a digital age. Yet, the under-representation of women in STEM careers has not changed much in the last few decades. Globally, women account for only 20-25 percent of the STEM workforce, especially in engineering and computer science.

Singapore’s Minister for Culture, Community, and Youth, Grace Fu stated that as demand for graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is expected to grow, more women should thus be encouraged to pursue careers in these areas to reap the benefits, reports the Straits Times.

 “STEM industries will feature strongly in our future as we automate our production and digitalize our processes,” Fu said at the annual conference for the People’s Action Party Women’s Wing, which Fu chairs. According to Fu, women remain under-represented in IT and engineering courses. “We should encourage more girls and women to take an interest in the STEM and pursue a career in these areas to benefit from the fast-growing STEM industries and the many good-paying jobs out there.”

In Singapore, the intake of women in STEM degrees accounts for around 25-35 percent of the total intake for engineering and computing degrees, statistics from the Ministry of Education showed.


Source: The Straits Times

For the first time, Dubai announced that a 100 percent female team of lifeguards has been trained to ensure the safety of its beaches, a major source of the Emirate’s tourist attractiveness.

No less than twelve women are currently trained to join one hundred professional male lifeguards currently deployed to Dubai’s beaches. Their number will keep increasing and they will be more than eighteen before the end of the year.

This announcement is part of the new measures that the Police and municipality authorities have taken in order to prevent swimming accidents. Their numbers have steadily decreased since they went from 35 drowning and related accidents in 2016 to 28 in 2017 and 9 in 2018. However, the growing number of tourists pushes every year the authorities to remain attentive and they always seek to improve the monitoring and supervision of public swimming.

Indeed, the Emirates received, in fact, nearly 7.26 million visitors in 2017, a figure that has already been overcome for the current year. Besides, half of them come for seaside tourism. In addition to drowning prevention, the city authorities have announced a whole range of measures, such as this campaign raising awareness of the risks of careless swimming, beach theft and harassment through social media and brigades on the beaches.

They also include the setup of maritime ambulances at eight strategic points along the seacoast to respond to medical emergencies very quickly.


Emekpo Charles

I have heard people say, “these are my work clothes”, and I wonder when I look at the outfit; as a professional, shouldn’t you look your best all the time?

When you have a non-uniform regular job, (most uniform jobs do not allow room for accessories) chances are, you appear in your “work clothes” for the better part of the day, when you meet new people and go about your daily business. I ask myself; what are your best clothes doing in the closet; waiting for the right time?

My girlfriend Nasa, has an attitude to clothes that reflects that of many ladies I have come across. She worked as a banker and had a lot of beautiful fashion pieces in her wardrobe, most of which she considered unsuitable for her “work dress code”. When she shopped for work outfits, she spent a fortune buying the same colour suits all grey in different designs.

It makes me wonder, if you have a job that already confines you to a daily routine, why imprison yourself in drab clothes too? Didn’t the famous British fashion designer and couturier, Alexander McQueen once say, “Fashion should be a form of escapism and not a form of imprisonment.”?

I think he’s right, fashion is one place, where you can always find your freedom.

The first question I ask my friends or colleagues when I find them performing this over-dramatic dress code policy thing is, what do you understand as a dress code?

I often find that many have no Idea what it truly means, so let me help you out. In this context, A dress code is a set of standards that companies develop to help provide their employees with guidance about what is appropriate to wear to work.

Now, there is no clause that says, look like a granny or get yourself a uniform, but that’s what many ladies do, and that is probably because they’ve never really seen or read a dress code policy, they just go with the existing trend in their workplace. So, I’m going to help out again, with the standard elements you can find in a professional dress code policy:

  • All employees must be clean and well-groomed. Grooming styles dictated by religion and ethnicity aren’t restricted.
  • All clothes must be work-appropriate. Clothes that are typical in workouts and outdoor activities aren’t allowed.
  • All clothes must project professionalism. Clothes that are too revealing or inappropriate aren’t allowed.
  • All clothes must be clean and in good shape. Discernible rips, tears or holes aren’t allowed.
  • Employees must avoid clothes with stamps that are offensive or inappropriate.

I had to show Nasa a policy sample for her to seek out that of her bank, and guess what? It never said wear grey suits all week round. They were just following the trend. Getting comfortable looking grey.

You could look smashing all week round and still stick to your work dress code. No one asks you to go shopping for uniforms just because it’s called a dress code. It says look professional, not drab.

Here are a few things you can do to spruce up your work clothes and stay on the fashion radar. Accessorize! Accessorize!! and Accessorize!!!

  1. Accessories: As long as it is not a uniform, you are allowed to accessorize, you do not have to go overboard with coral beads and pearls, a little accessory here and there can very well change the entire look of a grey suit.
  2. Apply the classics: The classics are those fashion items that every lady is expected to have, some of which include a scarf, a blazer, a white tee shirt, a pair of dark colour denim, white button-down shirt, and of course a little black dress. You can read the rest up. These items, most of which I guess you already have in your wardrobe, may not be work friendly when used on their own, but can definitely keep you on the fashion radar, when combined with your work clothes.

3. Experiment: So, you were asked to stick to a particular set of colours, like some banks do, why look for the most comfortable? Be the odd one out. Chances are that when you are asked to wear dark colours, you are given specifics like grey, black and navy blue etc.; Well, as long as the policy does not say DO NOT EMBELLISH! you are allowed to accessorize with that multicolor scarf you have hanging in your closet. And don’t forget, no one said anything about your shoes. Be daring sometimes and throw on the bright color cardigan… it gets cold sometimes right? And no one ever said the grey has to be the dominant colour, you could have the orange as the dress and accessorize with grey. Yes! orange can be work friendly too.

4. Be your own girlfriend: I love handbags, who doesn’t? It’s an accessory you have on every day, if you can invest in grey suits then chances are you do not have to wear the same bag every day. I know what you may be thinking; bags are expensive, right? Girl; you are a working girl, NOT Victoria Beckham. So, except you work in the fashion industry (In which case you won’t need this lecture), knock off items and fashion label handbags are allowed. Do not break the bank.

5. Finally; Create a niche: Find something others are not wearing, wear it and make it yours. My friend Nasa joined the bandwagon with the grey suits, while she could have set the trend with a different colour (and it did not have to be suits). Their company policy allowed 5 colours by the way,  and this includes burgundy. No one would touch that colour with a bargepole.
In everyday fashion, we find that people go for the comfortable colours, who says you cannot be different? Trust me, you do not have to join the trend, trends are set by people and you can create yours. Choose those colours that no one would touch and make it yours. I would have gone for the burgundy and looked chic in it every day.

Armed with these tips, you can be sure to beat the work dress code drama; work smart and feel smart on the go. We spend most of our useful hours at work after all, why not look and feel smart while you are at it? There is no need to overdramatize the dress code, just make it work for you.

Don’t forget; You are a professional and not a zombie. Own your style even at work.

By: Boma Benjy – Iwuoha

DOHA: Minister of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs, H E Dr Issa bin Saad Al Jafali Al Nuaimi, called for the need for communities to adopt and apply all plans and projects that benefit women with special needs, to ease their integration and realize their citizenship through exercising their rights and duties, based on the international conventions related to protecting human rights. Speaking at the Third Doha International Blind Conference “Blind women are partners in building and development of society”, the Minister called on all communities to promote and protect the rights of women with visual disabilities and develop their human, social and economic situation by dealing with them on the basis of their ability to give.

In addition, the Minister urged to qualify them in order to be financially independent, which become part of integrating people with visual disabilities into the society, have them participate in the development path and affirming their right to run a normal life, QNA reported. Al Nuaimi said holding this conference, reflects Qatar’s belief in the need for quality between all the society’s categories and its keenness to enable the visually disabled women in the social life. He added that it also shows that Qatar is keen to provide all the aspects of care and unique service for the disabled, by providing the basic human rights.  The Minister highlighted that hosting this event, also reflects Qatar’s effective input in the global community on issues such as the rights of people with disabilities and prospering these rights to comply with international conventions on the topic.

The Minister highlighted the efforts exerted by Qatar on a legislative and institutional level to promote the participation of women with visual disabilities, enable and integrate them in the public life.  Al Nuaimi also highlighted the efforts to promote building their national capacities through establishing a supportive development approach that is based on rights. The State has also given great interest in developing their rights, ensuring their participation and full integration in the community, as well as activate the role of awareness and culture of the society on introducing the rights of women with visual disabilities in all fields, Al Nuaimi added.

Source: The Peninsularqatar





Chairperson of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat vowed to fight discrimination against women. The African Union Commission (AUC) chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat vowed to fight sexual discrimination against women and called for the Pan African Parliament (PAP) to be given full legislative powers to help address the problems facing the continent.

Mahamat made his comments at a press conference, and as PAP’s guest of honour, following the opening ceremony of the Sixth Ordinary Session of PAP’s Fourth Parliament in Midrand on Monday. One of the problems facing the AU is that member states have failed to ratify many of the instruments adopted by the continental organization, according to the chairperson. “Words have to be turned into actions,” said Mahamat.

The issue of peace and security was something that also needed to be addressed even though there had been an improvement in the security situation in Africa. “In some parts of Africa, there remain challenges in regard to terrorism and human trafficking. Stability through good governance and human rights are linked to these issues which in turn are contingent on empowering women, youth, and civil society because these unresolved issues are the root causes of the problems facing Africa,” he said.

Mahamat then went on to challenge media reports that there was some kind of “apartheid” against women on the continent and that the AU had done insufficient to address this issue. “The AU has been built on gender equality and during my appointment, I’ve appointed more women than men into important positions and this was not because I was doing women a favour but because of their natural abilities and the important roles they perform in society, it was natural to appoint them.

“I’m committed to getting rid of gender discrimination and sanctions will be imposed on anybody or person we find discriminating against women,” the AUC head said.

Source: Enca.com



By Cherish Darich

On my part to self-discovery, I realized that I was uniquely made and not necessarily unfortunate as circumstances beyond my control made me perceive. First, I had to learn to love everything about myself, to be appreciative of all of my encounters, and experiences that gradually shaped me to be the woman I desired to be. There were times I genuinely had to come to terms with the fact that I needed to put in more work to carve out a truly virtuous woman, who was not only restricted to her strength but constantly improving on her weaknesses and one of those many aspects that I dealt with was my high tendency to put on a whole lot of weight, especially “in the wrong places” if you know what I mean. I certainly could not keep up with blaming my excessive weight of over 107 kilograms (235lbs) on genetic traits or to the relatable fact that I was over 6 feet tall and didn’t even look like I weighed up to 100 kilograms (220lbs).

Subsequently, I started to weigh my options in this regard, seemingly in another five (5) to Ten (10) years I could weigh over 120 kilograms possibly due to childbirth, advancement in age and bodily structure. For two years I went back and forth on different weight loss programs involving strenuous workouts, unworkable diet plans, high expenses on services, product and so on and so forth but none of these worked and my looks depreciated. I decided to find out what would be easy to come to terms with that would be time efficient and pocket-friendly, over the last one year I have learned to make MY FOOD MY MEDICINE! My solution relied absolutely on everything that went into my mouth, once I was able to cut out my excesses and develop the attitude of eating clean and eating right I lost 24 kilograms over a Year.

There are absolutely no mistakes when all foods, fruits, and herbs were created from the inception of the earth. These foods were deliberately provided so that we would have all that we ever need in regards to our wellbeing, and it indeed justifiable to say that it is a call against nature to depend on harmful chemicals packaged as foods or drugs to survive.  if 90 percent of us ate all the fresh organic products of the earth rather than processed meals packaged and sold at high prices in various stores, the rate of health challenges we would have to face around the world would most likely be greatly reduced.

Most of us are not willing to sacrifice our routine lifestyle of eating for the healthier way of living. We contemplate eating fruits at our convenient time or we depend on the general view of having fruits as dessert after the main course meal or not having to bother taking them at all, it is essential for us all to know how and when different fruits should be consumed and the correct way of consumption. This goes to say that all fruits of any sorts should be taken ON AN EMPTY STOMACH this will in turn aid the detoxification of the system, supplying you with a great deal of energy for weight loss, revitalization, regeneration of dead cells and other essential bodily functions.

Fruits are the most important or vital part of our daily consumption, emphasis on fruits been the MOST IMPORTANT FOODS to be consumed. This is not at any point negotiable and because fruits cannot be taken off the menu, it is indeed compulsory to take 3 to 5 different fruits in a day or where this is not accessible certain supplements can be taken on a timely basis (I will be glad if you could send an email to find out recommendable supplements). For instance, if one eats two slices of bread and a slice of fruit the slice of fruit is ready to be absorbed by the intestines, but it prevented from doing so because of the bread present in the system. The minute the bread comes in contact with the food in the stomach and digestive juices, the entire mass of food begins to spoil! The fruit mixes with the putrefying of other food and produces gas hence one bloats as a result.

 A lot of issues relating to various terminal sicknesses such as cancer and other general body disorder such as the early stage of the greying of hair, balding, nervous outburst, dark circles under the eye e.t.c can be absolutely avoided if fruits and food are eaten the proper recommended way.

Once one has mastered the right way of eating fruits, they have the secret of beauty, longevity, health, energy, happiness and a standard weight. Today as a living proof of one who has experienced tremendous changes in growth and bodily development, I can confidently say am living the Health Beneficial Lifestyle and am ever so proud of my unending results. One of my daily inscriptions since I noticed the changes my body has encountered over time is that “no one can ever go wrong with fruit dieting”.

There is so much more I have to share, it is my vision to mentor over 100 people over a span of 365 days, who will deliberately decide to live a healthier lifestyle! if you are one of those and you desire to know more about fruits to eat at different times of the day, recommended fruits to hasten the weight loss process, how to maintain a healthy glowing skin and how best to consume your fruits as your food, please do not hesitate to send me a mail

Email: cherishdarich@gmail.com 
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