Antonio Guterress, United Nations Secretary-General recently called for the more women participation in the lawmaking process. He made the call while speaking at the International Day of Parliamentarians in Geneva Switzerland.  Mr. Guterress maintained that Parliaments in different countries of the world are filled with men who sometimes do not support or fully understand the principle of gender equality. “Parliaments are still largely dominated by men,” he said, adding the world needs more women parliamentarians. “As we mark this new international day, I express my support for members of parliaments worldwide, as they strive to deliver for the people they serve,” he said.

“The International Day of Parliamentarians, a new United Nations observance, recognizes the pivotal role played by parliaments,” according to the United Nations Chief.

He further stated that “As a former parliamentarian, I have felt, first-hand, the responsibility of representing people and trying to advance their aspirations.” He added that parliaments can be pillars of democracy, important defenders of human rights and can link local and global issues.

Mr. Gutteress pointed out that with the involvement of more women in laws and decision, they can contribute significantly to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, our blueprint for peaceful, resilient societies on a healthy planet.

For the first time, June 30th, 2018 is celebrated as the International Day of Parliamentarians. It is also the date, in 1889, on which the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the global organization of parliaments, was established. This day celebrates parliaments and the ways in which parliamentary systems of government improve the day-to-day lives of people around the world.

Source: CNN

Compiled By: Emekpo Charles

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