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9 Jun

Maria Teresa Ruiz: the female academic novelty of Chile

Maria Teresa Ruiz is a South American, born in Santiago de Chile on September 24, 1946. She is a born academician and her heart beat towards her work is amazing and worthy of emulation. In 1975, she obtained a PhD in Astrophysical Sciences from Princeton University, making her the first woman to study astronomy at the University of Chile. Professor Maria reveres her scholarly goals and she wears her job like a dress. She is a trailblazer and a goal getter with a great impact on the academic space of Chile. In 1997, she was named National Science Prize after discovering the first "coffee dwarf", stellar objects that do not have independent light. This discovery opened the understanding of many individuals in...
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12 May

Vasantha Kumari: Making Actions Louder Than Words

By: Miracle Nwankwo Vasantha Kumari hails from Kanyakumari; the Southern-most tip of India. She lost her mother at a very early stage of her life. At the age of nineteen, her father married her off to a widower who had four daughters, in Chennai. She gave birth to two daughters and so she had six children to cater for. Her husband worked as a construction labourer but is salary was not enough to cater for the family. At the time Vasantha was the secretary at the Mahalir Mandram; a socio-economic empowerment programme for women implemented by Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women Ltd. Mahalir Thittam is based on Self Help Group (SHG) approach and is implemented in partnership with Non-Governmental...
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28 Apr

When Courage Dispels Fear- Latifa Nabizada

Latifa Nabizada is the daughter of an Afghanistan Islamist from Uzbeks who spent six years in jail after being accused of being a member of the Mujahedeen (Mujahedeen is the term for one engaged in Jihad). Uzbeks is Turkic largest ethnic group in Central Asia. Nabizada and her sister were the first female graduates of the Afghan Air Force Academy. They both wanted to become pilots but many times they were denied admission into the Afghan military school based on medical grounds. But eventually a civilian doctor certified them fit. Prior to that time, when they mentioned their desires of becoming professional pilots to their parent, they were amazed at the big dreams the ladies had. The impossibilities were so high but...
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7 Apr

The Great Benefits of Determination – Shantanbai  Shrapati Yadav

Shantabai is a traditional woman who knew little or nothing about gender stereotype. But she defied the assumption about that fact when she was faced with the problem of a hunger and starvation. Shantanbai  Shrapati Yadav is the first female barber in India, her late father was a barber and so was her late husband. She got married at the age of 12 to late Mr. Shripati Yadav. Barbing was a part time job for Mr. Shripati who was a farmer. He worked as a barber to add to his income but when there was a rift between him and his brothers, they split the farm land between themselves and Shripati had less than an acre of land to farm on....
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