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16 Jun

Saloni Malhotra: Making Life Count For Rural Youths

Saloni Malhotra is one of India’s valuable women who has taken steps to build India, especially the rural parts in their own little way. She was just 23 when she made a decision to abandon a beautiful and comfortable life in Delhi for struggles to make an impact in a rural area called Tamil Nadu in Chennai. Saloni is a graduate of B. Tech from the University of Carmel convent in Delhi. While her parent wanted her to take up her MBA she had her heart on something she found very impactful not to her but to the society. During her school days in Pune, she had a roommate who lived in rural areas all her life and has never seen a computer...
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5 May

Lighting Rural India with Solar Power- Ajaita Shah

Ajaita Shah became the black sheep of the family when she diverted her interest from corporate law to micro finance. Her parent had left India for New York in search of a better life for their children. But Shah chose to find joy in responding to the need of people in rural India. She loved travelling and she has had many experiences being in different places. One of those places is India her place of origin. Lost in her passion, she relocated to India and started working with some microfinance organization. While working in India, she discovered that the basic need of the people in most rural India revolved around access to electricity. In India, one-fourth of people suffer electricity access deficit....
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22 Apr

Turning Children’s Dreams to Reality- Buds of Christ

With the theme “empowering children enabling wellbeing”, the Buds of Christ; an Indian organization catering for orphan children and striving to make these children educated people who will contribute to the growth of their community has made significant impact in India. Orphan children are often perceived as a burden to society but with the activities of this charity organization, there is a ray of hope that orphan children in India will turn out to be more of a blessing than a curse to society. Buds of Christ charitable trust is an organization that believes in educating and protecting rural orphan girls until they become of age (21 years), such that the girl child will not be neglected and exploited physically or abused...
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7 Apr

Access to a classroom for disadvantaged pupils

Shannon May, Founder of Bridge International Academies
Shannon May is an anthropologist, she Co-Founded Bridge International Academies, an innovative company launching a franchise of low-cost schools to serve impoverished families and informal settlements, across developing nations. While conducting research in rural China, Shannon saw close-up how primary education was failing already impoverished families. The experience prompted her to research how children could be taught the skills they need to thrive, harnessing data and technology to make a replicable and affordable model of education. The result was Bridge International Academies, the world’s largest private provider of nursery and primary education for families living on $2 a day or less. Bridge International, which charges $6 a month on average, launched its first school in Nairobi in 2009. It has now...
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