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11 Aug


  Chetna Sinha, Founder of the Mann Deshi Bank and Foundation, was born in Mumbai India. She is the farmer, economist, and activist. She is a rural diamond who has dedicated her life to shining the light in rural communities in India. The Mann Deshi bank is India’s first rural financial institution which is run for and by women. Ideas for the bank and foundation came up just after Chetna got married and decided to relocate to Mhaswad, a small town in Maharashtra. On getting to Mhaswad, there was a new amendment in the Panchayat Raj Bill; a foundation of India's political system initiated by Mahatma Gandhi to decentralize the form of government in a way that each village would be responsible for its...
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21 Jul

Seizing Opportunities for Future Benefits

Chido Govera is a young Zimbabwean woman who is making an impact in the rural areas of Africa, India, and Columbia by teaching women and orphans how to cultivate mushrooms. Born in 1988, she grew up as an orphan and started taking responsibility for herself, her little brother and her blind grandmother. She had no support from friends or relatives. After going through numerous physical abuses from close families, she vowed to take responsibility for the lives of other orphans around her, and work to save and protect them from the kind of abuses she went through as a child. When she was ten, she had an opportunity to escape the life of poverty by getting married to a man 30 years...
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16 Jun

Saloni Malhotra: Making Life Count For Rural Youths

Saloni Malhotra is one of India’s valuable women who has taken steps to build India, especially the rural parts in their own little way. She was just 23 when she made a decision to abandon a beautiful and comfortable life in Delhi for struggles to make an impact in a rural area called Tamil Nadu in Chennai. Saloni is a graduate of B. Tech from the University of Carmel convent in Delhi. While her parent wanted her to take up her MBA she had her heart on something she found very impactful not to her but to the society. During her school days in Pune, she had a roommate who lived in rural areas all her life and has never seen a computer...
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5 May

Lighting Rural India with Solar Power- Ajaita Shah

Ajaita Shah became the black sheep of the family when she diverted her interest from corporate law to micro finance. Her parent had left India for New York in search of a better life for their children. But Shah chose to find joy in responding to the need of people in rural India. She loved travelling and she has had many experiences being in different places. One of those places is India her place of origin. Lost in her passion, she relocated to India and started working with some microfinance organization. While working in India, she discovered that the basic need of the people in most rural India revolved around access to electricity. In India, one-fourth of people suffer electricity access deficit....
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