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13 Oct

Providing a New Life for the Remote Pakistan

Every woman is a rare gem, every woman is special, and every woman has something to offer to her society, it all depends on her (personal) determination and her belief. Does she see herself as incompetent, unqualified, impotent, and unfitted? Or does she considers herself as perfect, able, skilled, gifted, and available irrespective of background or circumstances that may be standing as a stumbling block? Ghulam Sughra Solangi, a light to the women community of Pakistan was born on March 2, 1970, in a little village called Muhammad Arab Solangi, somewhere in Pakistan. Although her father Muhib Ali was a teacher in a government school, Solangi did not have access to schooling based on the local traditional belief that bans females from...
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22 Sep

The Philanthropic Lifelong Commitment towards Liberating the Latina Woman

  Philanthropic activities in recent years have become widespread in South America.  Individuals and corporate bodies have now delved fully into activities that impact on the lives of those living below standard in their communities through many different means. Despite this new found interest in philanthropy, some might argue that the historical roots of giving and volunteering in Latin America remain the same. For this edition of Impact Inspire, we will be focusing the searchlight on the activities of Angelica Feuntes a Mexican business tycoon, who has devoted her time to championing the empowerment of women in South America. Angelica Feuntes grew up in a culture that offers women and girls one out of the three options:  to become a daughter, a...
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15 Sep

The Success Story of Shantha

India is one of the countries of the world where the law does not favour equal rights for the women. The women encounter various challenges in the bid to break free from the boundaries that have been placed by the law. Men are paid higher than the women even when they do the same thing and on the same field. This also is a pointer to the high level of illiteracy amongst the women of India. Despite the gloom that seems to have enveloped the women community of India, they are known to be fighters, go-getters, and path finders. This brings us to the story of Shantha, the brave and unlearned Indian woman who out of nothing made something. It all started when she...
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31 Aug

Female Entertainers: Championing Humanitarian Activities in Developing Nations

While it’s not uncommon to see top CEOs and entrepreneurs contribute to causes as a part of their companies’ corporate social responsibility, some individuals have stepped it up a notch. Female entertainers are not left behind as we’ve seen a number of them embarked upon significant charitable causes across developing nations. Some of these notable female entertainers will be spotlighted in this article. First on the list is Pop music Icon Madonna Louise Ciccone. She is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman, who has continuously contributed to charitable causes. Considered one of the most influential women in contemporary music, this American recording artist, Golden Globe winner, and entrepreneur, has received global recognition for her efforts to bring an end to...
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